About Me

I have a BS in Psychology and intend to get a Masters in art therapy. I started Silversmithing in October 2020 after taking a class with my awesome sister. I love working with fire and metal! Its very rewarding to make something that lasts.
I chose a bee as my logo because I love the bees, they're absolutely vital to the world. And my mom used to dress my sisters and I up as bugs, my older sister was a ladybug, my younger sister was a dragonfly and I would be a bee ❤️

All of my work is heavily inspired by nature. My favorite activities are drawing and walking in nature. I also like being on lakes and watching animals. 

I don’t know what else to say haha. This is also the only good pic I like of me this year lol. Feel free to reach out! I will update this if I think of anything new to share!